Vessel Management


Weekly, Bi Weekly or Monthly Visits

We create custom programs to keep yachts fully operational and “show ready” while keeping the owner updated on anything and everything that has to do with their boat.


When we manage projects we keep our customers up to speed with photos and video updates on the monthly maintenance being performed on each boat. We found that this plan allows for a far better yacht ownership experience. We believe in being honest and following through to the very end. You and your investment are sure to be in the right hands under the quality management of Key West Captains.


Run Engines and Generator ~ Check Fluids, Hoses, and Clamps ~ Clean Sea Strainers ~ AC System Maintenance ~ Shower Box Cleaning ~ Power Connection ~ Bilge Pump Check ~ Lines & Anchor Secure ~ Hatches Secure ~ Check Batteries ~ General Cleanliness ~ Canvas Enclosure Secure ~ Fill Water Tank ~ Yard Time Management ~ And more


Want the investment you have made in your vessel to start producing income and tax right offs? We can help with charters, Airbnb's or both! Be sure to ask! 


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