Owner/Operator Training


Vessels 17 - 40 feet On-Water Boat Handling Training: 4+ Hours

Our on-the-water boat handling course delves into docking, anchoring, navigation, situation awareness, radio etiquette, close-quarters maneuvering, and so much more.

This course is a customized, on-water training available aboard your vessel. The Captain will come to your location and works with you aboard your boat to build on-water confidence focusing on boat handling & safety. 


Vessels over 40 feet + Owner/Operator Training 6+ Hour

This multi-day, fully immersive course is based on your experience and size boat. The course delves into docking, vessel systems, maintenance, trip planning, electronics, safety procedures, close-quarters maneuvering, equipment usage, and so much more. This course can range from 2-10 days depending on your boating experience and the size of your vessel. We have found that the average length of our Owner/Operator Training Course is 5 days, plus a Check Ride.

Most insurance companies require on-water training and a Captain Sign-Off. Upon completion of your training and Check-Ride, a sign-off letter is provided directly to your insurance company. Contact us if you have difficulty obtaining insurance, we have resources and affiliates!


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